Corporate mission

We will foster human capital and fulfill our responsibilities as a society and contribute to the development of the world human race.

It is said to be work for the world and for the person.There is the implication in the world with "a place living by people being involved with each other, and living"."The world" "a place of the social life that a person makes" "Each other" is "a relationship with a relationship""Relate" is "connected""Living" means "active state""Living" means "way of life".Without people, the world does not exist.In other words, people are creating the world.The world is established by the result of the connection between people and people.Foster people who care for each other and care for encounters, nurture them as human resources that can be felt as "connected love" "love", each one wishes co-existence coexistence, creates with self-altruism, fulfills responsibilities and obligations seriously Be active with enthusiasm, passion, self-confidence, love until you can, contribute to people around the world and lead to the development of the world.

Management philosophy

Technical support

Every day, we search and pursue things that are not in other companies, we do until we can.

Individual training

Pay attention to individual growth and master added value so that you can make a leap in the world.

Social contributions

We aim our perspectives not only in Japan, but also on the world, making progress with awareness of speed.

With our corporate philosophy of technical support, individual development and social contribution, to all companies in Japan and overseas
"We aim to become a company that will not spare technological support through work".


Company Profile

company name
JAPANREN Service Co., Ltd.
1-3-17, Shirasuka, Yokkaichi Shi, Mie Ken, 510-0018, Japan
Established date
April 2006
10,000,000 JPY
Business content
Rotary electric machine maintenance / generator /  motor / others
General overhaul · Bearing replacement  · Metal replacement · thermal spraying ·   Installation · Adjustment instruction work ·Operation
Construction industry
Electric construction industry · Machine equipment installation work · Earthworking work No. 22007
Major trading partners
(Regardless of rank order)
Fuji Electric FA Service Co., Ltd.
Fuji Electric Co., Ltd. Kawasaki Plant
Fuji Electric Co., Ltd. Suzuka Factory
Toshiba Mitsubishi Electric Industry System Co., Ltd.
TMEIC International Co., Ltd.
Mitsubishi Electric Plant Engineering Co., Ltd.
Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corporation
Meidensha Corporation

TDPS Japan Co., Ltd.
Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd.
Taiheiyo Cement Co., Ltd.
and others

Company Career

Establishment of company
Made a contract with Fuji Electric FA Service
* Fuji Electric Manufacturing handling capacity motor / generator

Toshiba Mitsubishi Electric Industry System Co., Ltd.
(formerly Mitsubishi Electric)Made a contract with Nagasaki factory
* Work on oversized type electric motor / generator (high speed machine)
Acceptance of instructor certification

Mitsubishi Electric Industry System Co., Ltd.
 (Former Toshiba)Made a contract with the Keihin factory
* Mitsubishi Electric Manufacturing Motor / Generator
Acceptance of instructor certification
Toshiba Mitsubishi Electric Industrial Equipment Systems Corporation (former Toshiba) Made a contract with the Keihin factory
* Work on mill electric motors for steel
Acceptance of instructor certification
Made a contract with Meidensha Co., Ltd.
China / National Project Nishiiru Toki Participation
* 18 MW - 2 P - 5200 min 8/12 units installed at our company

Made a contract with Toshiba Industrial Equipment Systems Co., Ltd.
* From the Asahi factory, get a small electric-powered business

Mie prefecture's first Toshiba service station certification
* Toshiba and get maintenance work near the prefecture inside
Factory relocation
* From Suzuka City to Yokkaichi Complex Factory Area

China / National Project Nishiiru Toki Participation
* 18 MW - 2 P - 5200 min 12/12 units installed at our company
China / National Project Nishiiru Toki Participation
Change company name Change from REN service (yes) to JAPAN REN service (shares)
Acquisition of construction industry "Construction of electrical work, machinery and equipment, Earthworking work"

Made a contract with Fuji Electric Kawasaki factory
* Acceptance of oversized large-scale generator instructor certification for domestic overseas
Made a contract with Korea Korea Revision
* Start business in Korea
Reorganized into a stock company
Made a contract with Toshiba Energy Systems Corporation


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