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Rotary electric machine maintenance / generator / electric motor / others

General overhaul

Our proactive maintenance services provide the most efficient and effective way to keep your production running.
We provide motors  and generators products, services and expertise tosave energy and improve customers'processes over the total life cycle ofour products, and beyond.

Electric motor
High-voltage motor / Low-voltage motor / DC motor / Synchronous motor / Variable speed motor (VS motor, HC motor, Servo motor, etc.) / Motor with speed reducer (Gear motor, Cyclot motor etc) / Other special motor
Applied equipment
Diesel generator / AC generator / DC generator / radio frequency generator / blower / compressor / pump / hoist / other motor accessory equipment
Receiving transformer / control equipment
Reactor Activator, Electric Cam
Contactor / Resistor Other / High Voltage Board · Various Control Board / Induction Voltage Regulator / Transformer etc.

Coordinating Instructor (Supervisor · Technical Advisor) Duties

For companies that manufacture and sell
Machine repair, maintenance and maintenance are inseparable sectors.
However, maintenance etc. are not always occurring work, but efficiency is poor if we have experts in staff.
Furthermore, specialized knowledge for each field is also required, so if you send professional staff to the field for each field, the cost will also increase.
We train experts (supervisors and technical advisors) with comprehensive knowledge and experience, and act on behalf or part of the installation work of motors and generators. We will help the company's technical service department.
Please specify "JAPAN REN service" for repair agency or service consignment.

Ability to dispatch nationwide
We have over 40 countries in overseas

China / Korea / Philippines / Vietnam / Indonesia / Saudi Arabia / Singapore etc.

Human resource development / language improvement / overseas training

In order to realize the world where the JAPAN REN service is aimed to be a business vision, in addition to strengthening the business foundation, a challenge to create new value is indispensable. At our company, we prepare each training program as a place of growth where we can develop ourselves more strongly for human resources who have a strong feeling that we want to grow ourselves and act as a carrier of change " It is.

"Even in English of one-shot words, confident was attached when we could communicate at the minimum if we talked positively. "
We hope that this overseas training will give us the opportunity to learn about the different stance of cross-cultural exchange, "Talk positively with foreign people without fear of failure".

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